Access Details

Access Details

Thanks again for attending the Conference 2016! Going through the recordings reminded us of all the great moments from the event, but also all the things there are to improve. The stage is set for July 2017 for the next edition!

Conference Attendees

You can access conference slides or recordings (depending on your ticket) via this listing page. Here’s how it works:

  1. If your ticket was bought with an email associated with an account, you can log-in here and browse the archives.
  2. If you didn’t have an account before the conference, then use your attendee email to request a password reset first.
  3. In case no attendee email was specified during your booking, simply contact us at team(a) with your personal email address and we’ll set it up as soon as possible.

Based on your ticket, you should have access to the following:

  • All Access or Speaker Tickets — Watch videos and download slides from both rooms.
  • Single Day Tickets — Videos and slides from both rooms for the day of your ticket.
  • Regular Tickets — Download the slides from the main amphitheatre talks. Membership

If you’d like to have access to the recordings and your ticket did not include them or if you couldn’t make it to the conference, then you have the option of becoming an member at one of the following levels:

  • Ultimate — For non-commercial individuals only. Includes access to the recordings of the main room.
  • Platinum or above — Commercial studios. These levels provide access to the complete recordings.

You can find an overview here with more details. In case you’d like a quote or would prefer a custom tailored solution for your studio(s) or university, mail us at team(a) and we’re happy to see what we can do for you.