Crowds and Pedestrians Without Bumper-Car Syndrome

Recording / Crowds and Pedestrians Without Bumper-Car Syndrome


While animation and navigation technology has matured significantly over the years, combining the two together remains quite a challenge! Games like HEAVY RAIN include scenes with few pedestrians that must avoid each other (e.g. on a sidewalk), as well as huge groups that form the illusion of a crowd (e.g. in the station). What techniques are used to implement such situations, and how can the results be improved?

In this all-star panel from the Paris Game AI Conference 2010, you'll hear different perspectives on the problem, from the programming team at Quantic Dream (Bertrand Faure, Jean-Charles Perrier) to leading researchers on procedural animation (Ken Perlin), and one the best independent AI developers (Mikko Mononen)! With their combined wisdom you'll hear solutions to the crowd problem compared to smaller groups of agents, and the best way to integrate it with character animation.



Bertrand Faure is the Lead AI Programmer at Quantic Dream, in particular responsible for the crowd implementation inside HEAVY RAIN.

Jean-Charles Perrier is currently the Lead Programmer at Quantic Dream, and also previously worked on FARENHEIT (aka. INDIGO PROPHECY).

Ken Perlin is Professor at New York University, famous for his work in procedural generation and character animation.

Mikko Mononen is an independent developer best known for his work on Recast and Detour. Previously, he was the Lead AI Programmer on CRYSIS at Crytek.