Emotions, Stochastic Sampling and the AI in LOVE

Recording / Emotions, Stochastic Sampling and the AI in LOVE


LOVE is an ambitious and stylish MMO game that features entirely procedurally generated planets. The world is inhabited by tribes of AI characters which can be hostile or friendly towards the player, and built up their own settlements autonomously.

Find out why stochastic sampling is such a robust solution for building complex worlds, and also helps the AI make its decisions in the rich environment that was generated.



Eskil Steenberg is a software designer with 15 years of graphics experience. He’s the one-man development whiz behind LOVE, an stylish online multiplayer adventure game in first-person where the player can modify and interact with a persistent world populated with AI tribes. Eskil focuses heavily on his revolutionary tools and technology, for instance the network protocol Verse and a range of applications such as the modeller Loq Airou.