High Performance Racing AI in NASCAR 2011

Recording / High Performance Racing AI in NASCAR 2011


NASCAR races have forty-three cars racing in tight packs around the tracks, and for the game Eutechnyx set out to create a realistic experience where drivers have distinctive personalities. Optimizing that game to run smoothly on modern consoles, particularly the PS3, was quite a challenge!

In this presentation at the Paris Game/AI Conference by Neil Henning, you'll find out the different tricks and techniques that Codeplay used to get a solid 30 FPS even on the PS3. Based on experiences with its OffLoad tool, Neil shares how you should architect your AI code to make sure you can do this in your own game.



Neil is the Technology Lead at Codeplay, a company specializing in optimizing compilers and games technology. He works with games studios, notably with Eutechnyx on ‘NASCAR, THE GAME 2011′ and integrating Codeplay’s Offload technology into their games engine.