Natural Motion’s Euphoria in the Real World

Recording / Natural Motion’s Euphoria in the Real World


BACKBREAKER and GRAND THEFT AUTO 4 are two examples of game that features realistic physically simulated tackles and falls that make you feel every hit and blow. They use Natural Motion’s Euphoria, a game animation engine that generates motion on the fly based on physical simulation of a character’s muscles.

Find out how physics-based solutions are used in practice in the games industry, and how they are integrated within the rest of the blend trees.



Simon Mack is the CTO of NaturalMotion. After completing his Masters in Engineering at Oxford University, Simon worked at MathEngine Plc developing the Karma physics engine before joining NaturalMotion in 2003 as a developer. He's since lead the technical development of Natural Motion's Euphoria and Endorphin products, as well as the company's recent games such as BACKBREAKER.