The AI Director in DARK SPORE

Recording / The AI Director in DARK SPORE


In the tradition of its developer Maxis, DARK SPORE is an innovative RPG game that features some radical AI design. In particular it addresses two of the most promising game design frontiers: player monitoring and experience management. How do you create a compelling challenge for gamers, keeping them interested through hours of play?

In this second keynote at the Paris Game/AI Conference 2011, Dan Kline explained how the AI Director was designed and implemented in Maxis’ latest RPG. Which parameters of the game were placed under the control of artificial intelligence and which were not? Dan also shared his perspectives on game design processes and the role of AI Programmers.



Daniel Kline has been an AI and Game Programmer and Designer for consoles since 2001, having shipped 6 titles and developed 10. He was Head AI and Gameplay Engineer at LucasArts on STAR WARS: FORCE UNLEASHED, AI programmer on DIABLO 3 at Blizzard, and the engineer and designer of the first two levels of CALL OF DUTY: FINEST HOUR. He has spent over 5 years doing Interactive Storytelling research, design, programming, and pre-production for 3 different companies and AAA blockbuster titles. He is currently working on DARKSPORE at Maxis as a Software Engineer.