The AI in Killzone 2’s Bots: Architecture and HTN Planning

Recording / The AI in Killzone 2’s Bots: Architecture and HTN Planning


KILLZONE 2 was one of the most anticipated titles of early 2009. While the quality of the graphics is immediately obvious, the game also received acclaim for its dynamic and adaptive AI. This is most obvious in multiplayer mode, featuring both online and offline bots that battle in a mission-based game environment.

In this presentation from the Paris Game AI Conference 2009, you'll learn about the architecture behind the AI for the Killzone series that has evolved over the years. You'll also discover exclusive details about the hierarchical task network (HTN) planner that was entirely written for the next-gen experience in KILLZONE 2.



Remco Straatman (main presenter) is the Lead AI Programmer at Guerrilla Games, and was in charge of both the single player and multiplayer AI on KILLZONE 2. Remco's also responsible for the development of the AI technology over the years. He presents the last few slides in the recording below.

Tim Verweij (off screen) established the overall architecture of the multiplayer bots as part of his Masters Thesis. Tim also implemented the Capture and Hold strategy, and worked on the HTN domain for the bot's behavior.

Alex J. Champandard (presenting the next part) was contracted in the production phase on the KILLZONE 2 multiplayer strategy, which he worked on for the best part of 2008. Alex also implemented the badge abilities and multiplayer specific behaviors.