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Day #1: Monday, July 20th

Drivatar and Machine Learning Racing Skills in the Forza Series Jeffrey Schlimmer, Turn 10 Studios Format: PDF
Building the Massive Crowds of Assassin’s Creed Unity François Cournoyer and Antoine Fortier, Ubisoft Montreal Format: PDF
Innovations in Search-based AI from MCTS to Evolutionary Algorithms Simon Lucas, University of Essex Format: PDF
Data Processing for Novel Input Devices Vikram Saran and Chris Mackenzie, Opaque Multimedia Format: PDF
The Evolution of Crowds and AI in Feature Film Animation Paul Kanyuk, Pixar Animation Studios Format: PDF
Tactical Planning and Real-time MCTS in Fable Legends Gwaredd Mountain, Lionhead Format: ZIP

Day #2: Tuesday, July 21st

Dynamic Pricing in Mobile Games Bill Grosso, Scientific Revenue Format: PDF
Early Churn Prediction and Personalised Interventions in TOP 11 Miloš Milošević, Nordeus Format: PDF
Behavior Trees and Blackboards in EVE Online Freyr Magnússon, CCP Games Format: PDF
Building A Galaxy: Procedural Generation in No Man's Sky Hazel McKendrick, Hello Games Format: PDF
Case-based Reasoning for Player Behavior Cloning in Killer Instinct Bruce Hayles, Iron Galaxy Studio Format: PDF
Not Just Planning: STRIPs for Ambient NPC Interactions in Final Fantasy XV Hendrik Skubch, Square Enix Format: PDF
The diplomacy AI of Total War: Attila Csaba Toth, Creative Assembly Format: PDF
Generating Global Cultures and Characters in ULTIMA RATIO REGUM Mark Johnson, University of York Format: PDF

Day #3: Wednesday, July 22nd

Turning a Chatbot into a Narrative Game: Language Interaction in Event0 Sergey Mohov, Tequila Works Format: PDF
Epic AI Systems and Director in Fortnite John Abercrombie, Epic Games Format: PDF
Exploring the Relationship Between Gameplay and Animation Christopher Laubach, Riot Games Format: PDF
MotionFields: The Road to Next-Gen Animation Michael Büttner, Ubisoft Toronto Format: PDF
IK Rig: Procedural Pose Animation Alexander Bereznyak, Ubisoft Toronto Format: PDF
Spawn Trees — Inside The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's Communities Michał Słapa, CD Projekt RED Format: PDF